Archeological museum Espai Ceretània

Espai Ceretània

This is located at the foot of the archaeological site of El Castellot beside Bolvir.

The visit includes:

(1) The permanent exhibition room which explains the different phases on the side with information boards and displays of the objects found, interactive and touch-sensitive devices and a brief film about the history of the Cerdanya area. Information in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

(2) The multi-purpose room to house temporary exhibitions.

(3) Access to the site, Wi-Fi zone and app to download.

(4) When excavations are under way, work to clean and restore pieces can be watched in the archaeology workshop.

Opening hours:

Saturdays 11am-2pm/4-6pm; Sundays and public holidays 11am-2pm. (Christmas and Easter: open)

July, August:  open every day: 10am – 2pm and 4pm – 6pm.


Adults: €3

Groups of 10 people and pensioners: €2

Children (5-15 years old): €1.

Possibility of guided tours and archaeology workshops for groups. Tel. 972-895192 o e-mail:

The Cerretanian-Iberian and mediaeval village of El Castellot

This is one of the few Iberian settlements located in the Pyrenees and the largest of the Cerretanian ones found so far. The earliest settlement dates, in principle, from the 4th century BC, with both structures of a communal nature (silos for storing grain, a wall and other defensive features) and domestic spaces and objects (hearths, hand grinders, pots, etc.). A wide range of activities went on at the settlement, including the herding of large herbivores, growing crops, weaving and metalworking. Later on, it was somewhat influenced by the Roman world (2nd-1st centuries BC) and then re-founded in the early middle ages (10th-12th century). The most recent excavations have unearthed a wall running all round the settlement. This would have been the wall of the village in the middle ages, which has changed our view of it in this period of history, as it is now seen as a strongly-fortified settlement. Excavation, research and consolidation work continues.