Camí de l’aigua Way

Camí de l’aigua

This, the “Water Path”, is a route around the north of the municipality of Bolvir, running parallel to the Bolvir irrigation channel, with information panels at points of interest. It can be followed on foot or – by experts – by mountain bike. The route is three kilometres long and takes about two hours on foot, with two optional shortcuts: one at La Ferratgeta and the other on the Camí de Niula. The itinerary begins where the irrigation channel crosses the Camí de Guils and ends above La Pleta de Bolvir, where there are stone chairs and tables. Another option is to leave your vehicle at the chapel of El Remei and continue on foot along the Guils road as far as the irrigation channel, follow the path and at the end go from La Pleta to the chapel of El Remei, crossing the village of Bolvir. If you do this, the walk will take about three hours. Geocaching information can also be found on the internet.