TALLTORTA: The church of Sant Climent, Talltorta

TALLTORTA: The church of Sant Climent, Talltorta

The village of Talltorta has some frescoes in a popular style dating from the 18th century, decorating practically the whole of the church, which have been restored. They are interesting as they include certain features that were prohibited at the time, for which reason attempts were made later to erase some of them. The glass floor installed in the apse gives a view of the excavated remains of the former Romanesque church, discovered during refurbishment work on the church. Hours for viewing from the outside, with coin-operated lighting (€1): Saturdays: 11am-6pm; Sundays and public holidays: 1am-2pm. July, August, Christmas and Easter, open every day. Possibility of guided tours. Tel. 972-895001.